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Heirloom grade, custom made furniture and refinishing

Olde Homestead is a small hobby business owned and operated by Gary P. Klinger of Ephrata, Lancaster County PA. Designing, building and refinishing furniture has been his passion since the 1970's when, at the age of 12 he refinished and restored an old oak desk chair which has been found discarded by an old printing company.

His work can be found in homes as far away as Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

What distinguishes Gary's work with all the other pieces found locally in country stores and Amish locations? First, each piece is custom designed with the specific customer's needs in mind.  Second, it's Gary's passion about material selection and his absolute obsession with creating a look and specific feel with his finishes. He has a trade secret means of creating a hand rubbed, smooth finish.

And Gary's pieces are built to last generations!

What you will not find is a sprayed finish typical of mass-produced factory finishes.  Instead, each finish is hand applied and hand rubbed to create Gary's trademark Heirloom-grade look and feel.   

Each piece is built one at a time and each piece is personally signed by Gary. Until it meets his rigorous expectations it does not get his signature and does not go to a customer. In addition, Gary works alone on each creation to assure each is of the quality he is so utterly insistant upon giving his customers.

Current Projects

It's been a busy couple of weeks in the Olde Homestead Workshop and Studio. Here's what's been underway.


Back by popular demand after a several year hiatus, new prototypes for my annual collectible benches are being finalized.  Each year only 30 will be made.  Each bench is numbered and personally signed for posterity.  Once they are gone, I will never make another in that design and finish combination.

REFINISHING? Yes...I do that!

To refinish or not refinish is a question I get asked a lot. 

While I grew up refinishing furniture, it is no longer always recommended for all antique pieces because doing so may affect the overall value of the piece.  (Consult your local antique professional for consultation).

However, as a general rule of thumb, if you have an antique where the finish is no longer protecting the wood, OR that has become so hideous as to detract from it's "inner beauty" OR which you intend to keep for many future generations, then refinishing may be a good option.

Like the furniture I build, all refinishing is lovingly done by hand.  I do not use excessively harsh chemicals, nor do I blast your furniture with a high powered hose to remove the refinishing agent, thus preserving and protecting valuable veneers and glue joints.  Yes, this can take longer, but the end result is a hand rubbed, heirloom grade treasure.

BUT, consider a third option:  Antique REFRESHENING.  I've helped many clients with fine old pieces that just needed a little touch up, a little tender loving care, a few joints tightened to regain its old vigor from years past.  This is often a lower cost option that can be done right in the convenience of your home.  Yes, this furniture doctor DOES make house calls! 

Refreshening improves the integrity of the furniture WITHOUT affecting its value as an antique and with impressive results.

Call me today to discuss your refinishing and refreshioning needs.


I've been building old fashioned farm benches since my days at Messiah College.  These Heirloom Grade pieces are desinged using old fashioned materials to provide that look of being a "farm find."  Special attention is paid to making these benches especially sturdy.  

AND:  my benches are not just for the dinner table anymore.  My benches have served as coffee tables, end tables and night stands.  Special taller benches have been designed to match the arm height on clients couches for use as end tables.

My benches can also be custom made for outdoor use.

See some of my benches on display at The Gallery on Market on King Street, 15 West King Street in Lancaster. 

Contact me today to design the right bench for your Olde Homestead!


RE-Cycled.  RE-Purposed.  RE-Used

New pieces which are created from wood and other architectural items which are re-cycled, repurposed and reused have become all the rage.  Each piece is a unique piece of are, interpreting the features and special characteristics of the media used in its creation.  Nobody can ever have a piece exactly like the one purchased from Olde Homestead!  What's more, these are pieces that are environmentally friendly, "green" products used by saving items which traditionally would have been lost to a landfill or fire place.

But did you know that combining rustic, repurposed "heirloom grade" items with contemporary or even more classically designed and finished decore's can add depth, character and a unique flair to your room?

Contact me today to discuss how I can create a piece to meet your own special needs.  Items are all custom designed and built with a specific purpose in mind.


Each piece Gary builds is custom designed and built to specifically meet your needs and design tastes.  Over the years Gary has developed unique, Olde Homestead specific design features included in nearly every custom piece.  These can easily be incorporated into most designs.

Did You Know? FAQ's

*   New for 2014:  See a limited number of pieces can now be purchased at Gallery on Market in Lancaster.  This is Cindy Schlosser's shop. She is a wonderful artist and craftsman.  Please visit her website at www.galleryonmarket.com.

*  Best product to maintain that fresh look and feel of an Old Homestead piece is a slightly damp cloth.  If that does not work, a thin coating of Bri-Wax is recommended.  

*  Gary now offers finish refreshining services!  After several years of daily use, a hand rubbed finish can require maintenance to make the product look like new..well, like old actually...you get the point.  Call or email today for Gary to make a field visit to refreshen the hand-rubbed quality of your one of kind piece.

*  Gary now offers chair and furniture repair services.  Call or email for information on avaible services as well as to discuss your unique and specific needs.